Welcome to Customer Support

In this section you will find the frequently asked questions and issues faced by gift recipients and gift givers.

  1. I can’t login using Google+ and Facebook, it gives me a continuous logging such as this


    1. Ensure that your browser accepts cookies. The system requires cookies to function properly.
    2. Ensure that your browser does not block data collection. Anti-virus plugins in browsers usually causes this issue.
    3. Ensure that your browser pop-ups are enabled.
  2. I’m a giver and I’ve paid the gifts in lieu but I haven’t received my confirmation.
    1. Gift givers will receive a confirmation email regarding their payment. If you don’t receive it immediately, please wait for a while as there might be delay in sending emails or check your Junk/Spam folders.
  3. I’ve created my gift registry and have sent emails and Facebook share. How do I know when my friends paid for the gifts in lieu?
    1. When your giver pays for gift(s), you will receive an email from us on the amount and the gift that was paid.
  4. I’ve registered and created my gift registry, is my password protected?
    1. Yes, users created passwords are encrypted inside the database that even the technical support can’t read your password.
    2. The website is using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). You will see in your browser a lock key beside the web address . This ensures the communication between the server and your browser are encrypted.

For this website technical issues, reach out to us at support@giftinlieu.com.

Other inquiries and feedback, reach out to Mr. Kevin Chan at kevinchan79.kc@gmail.com.