How it Works?

There are 3 ways this can work.
  1. If you followed a link to a gift register posted by a friend, you may respond by giving one of the gifts listed on this site on behalf of your friend. Your gift helps them to give! You and they will be sent acknowledgement emails from us.
  2. You may create your own gift register of gifts to on-field ministry workers. This register can then be shared with your friends via email or facebook. Your friends then click on the link and give these gifts in your name. You will both receive acknowledgement emails.
  3. You may give gifts-in-lieu to your friends even if they haven’t created a gift register. Surprise them this Christmas!

What happens to the gifts?

Your gift payment will be used to sponsor a front-line mission worker working in the area described on the gift, and with an item of similar utility as what was listed. For example, bicycles are a means of transport, however if what the worker really needs is a motorcycle, we may combine the donations for 10 bicycles and buy them a motorcycle.

How can I pay?

Payment will be by credit card. All the gifts are in Australian dollars.

Are you (World Outreach International) trustworthy?

World Outreach is a Mission Organisation with over 80 years of history and in partnership with many churches and denominations worldwide. You may learn more about us at