Blessed Christmas!! Jesus, born in a stable in a Jewish town over 2000 years ago, come to earth for one reason: To reconcile humankind back to God.

Today, our calendars are set with respect to that day, and we still celebrate His birth with joy, celebration and generosity. To commemorate God giving us His son, we give and receive presents, trinkets and momentos, wrapped up in colourful paper.

At World Outreach, we think there is a way to continue to celebrate this, without the environmental impact, inflated prices and accumulation of ornaments. We think that the best way to celebrate Jesus’ birth is to actively participate in the reason for His birth in the first place!

This Christmas, would you consider giving gifts towards Jesus’ workers in the nations in the name of your friends? And would you consider inviting your friends to give you gifts in the form of donations towards His reason for coming?

List of Gifts